Useful Legal Links

Instead of my usual essay or poem, I thought I would take a minute to provide links to useful sites involved in legal defense, employment in public interest work, and legal commentary I have found useful.   This is a useful link for defense attorneys, especially public defenders in New York State.  This is a good blog for attorneys working at the intersections of criminal and immigration law. provides up to the minute legal news. is for fun and commentary in the world of law and the study of law. It also contains a thorough legal employment search engine. is a link to news and updates about the Supreme Court of the United States This is a link to one of the preeminent public interest opportunities in the U.S.  You can apply for the Public Defenders fellowship, or write a fellowship proposal involving an area of public interest law you are passionate about and apply for an Equal Justice Work fellowship is a link to a job searching engine which focuses on not-for profit work, including legal opportunities. is a link to a site dedicated to public service legal careers.




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