Shimmy shimmy coco pop shimmy shimmy yeah,

my gurl-kaleidoscope dances like it’s jazz

In the shadows of the fire, in the shadows of the room

In the dizzy light her eyes are full she’s laughing tick n boom . . .


A jumper cable saved your ass, a sparkplug makes you move

She will take you outta comfort zone and then she’ll make you choose

Between shimmy shimmy give a damn and shimmy shimmy fuck

But I know you’ll give a damn ’cause she’s a cat with luck . . .


She can die a coupla different ways and always rally hard

She always had an ace on hand, she always hid a card

Now this time she didn’t make it

Shimmy crummy, shimmy fit . . .


She kaleidoscope her life, a thousand types of glass

And all the pieces put together in a bluesy church at Mass

Couldn’t bring her shimmy back

Though her life was back on track . . .


I know that she will be there in the laughter in the Sky

I know that she’s a Mama to her boy & yet I cry

Our bebop chica coco-bop is gone now but we know

Who she was— a kinda sprite– from God to us on loan.


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