to all the power

To all the power, loving, Skyful Dipperful of Stars which One Becomes and Named like waves:

God, recede, expand upon the sand

HP, Kami, Sidewalksoul, Gaia, Pele,

Suki, Angels, Spirit, SkyGod, Citygod,

Within and without, KnowingStars, Malah,

Phaedra, Carcinus, Anipos, Hera,

To all the helpers

Nymphs and Ents and gnomes and elves and fae and Yoshua….

Shed Light for a little near the steps of my soul

Close enough for better sight not so close I’m blind

Show me how my ear is tuned to hear truth and call out lies

In the spirit of compassion divorced from pity.

Show me a pure and fearless way,

allow me to set down the shadowy cloak

of fear I like so much the feel of,

Show me my heart needs no shell– how You are my shell

Show me I belong on the sidewalk

Show me my strengths: my quiet, my appreciation,

my understanding, my intuition, and my creation

All enough to be here, just as valuable as the next Josephine.

Show me my strength so that, a Reed, I birth the universe, like everyone.


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