On search and seizure, sometimes

Did you know the Constitution gave you, once, freedom from unreasonable search and seizures, the government was required to get a warrant signed by judge, based on probable cause, before it could execute a search. Then if the government actor wanted to talk to you, by the same Fourth Amendment privilege, he had to tell […]


You get to the picture of the baby, hurting.  He’s inconsolable, he’s existing straight through the worst of it the way kiddos do. But you aren’t one, so you start to walk into the horror: A baby, skin burning from the inside out–napalm you run away from the horror, retreating to safety and soft pretty syllables […]

Trump and the Death of Democracy

I have focused on the sexism, racism, homophobia, and xenophobia that is deeply and expressly embedded in Trump’s rhetoric, and the bias he tuned into, in many supporters, to become elected. This morning I have read the wise words of Michael Lerner, a rabbi, who I’ll paraphrase this way: The Trump supporters really are disgusted, […]

No one cares how gross Trumpillary is

One will be President One will choose all the wrong Supreme Court justices One will go to war One will build a wall One will imprison the poor Both will embolden the rich Both will pave the Earth in blacktop–waves of heat slither up– meanwhile tap the veins of oil like junkies left to squeeze the […]

Take a step back: challenging the assumptions underlying the debate on dissolution of Medina, N.Y.

This essay begins the day it occurs to me that the Village of Medina, N.Y. may actually be dissolved in service to lower taxes, union-busting, and the bottom line.  See Article, “Dissolution committee sees $1 million in local tax savings, Projected impacts for towns, village not released yet” on http://www.orleanshub.com/ for a synopsis. What’s in […]