No one cares how gross Trumpillary is

One will be President

One will choose all the wrong Supreme Court justices

One will go to war

One will build a wall

One will imprison the poor

Both will embolden the rich

Both will pave the Earth

in blacktop–waves of heat slither up– meanwhile tap

the veins of oil like junkies

left to squeeze the last of good veins

from your neck– tie off with a belt–

no more tidy junkie lines along the calf muscle

of the Planet in a neat row– hidden

under Her nurse’s scrubs

Both will hurt you good–and you will listen rather

to the shrill Rilly Big Shew–

baby sister, you will buy the subscription– ReadThisBlog!–

and it doesn’t matter more than a cd skip

You?–peaceful, minding your business, you care intensely

shatteringly close to the soul

for your neighbor– and it doesn’t make you

free– Why would you or I be spared?