Trump and the Death of Democracy

I have focused on the sexism, racism, homophobia, and xenophobia that is deeply and expressly embedded in Trump’s rhetoric, and the bias he tuned into, in many supporters, to become elected. This morning I have read the wise words of Michael Lerner, a rabbi, who I’ll paraphrase this way: The Trump supporters really are disgusted, […]

The secret of liberty

Children are safeguarding my ability to write this.  They went to jail for me, for you, for Blacks in particular but for all Americans generally.  “Black Lives Matter” was what they conveyed. It wasn’t just a slogan.  It was an action.  Their presence in the street, disrupting business as usual and changing the conversation, spoke […]

No one cares how gross Trumpillary is

One will be President One will choose all the wrong Supreme Court justices One will go to war One will build a wall One will imprison the poor Both will embolden the rich Both will pave the Earth in blacktop–waves of heat slither up– meanwhile tap the veins of oil like junkies left to squeeze the […]

Scalia is not [not a racist D-Bag] The null hypothesis investigation of the transcript of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin

The media and the politicians are calling out Justice Scalia on his racism.  See, for example, or I tried the null hypothesis on this one.  My hypothethical was:  “Justice Scalia is NOT a racist d-bag” and read the transcript of the oral arguments of Fisher v University of Texas at Austin, a case about affirmative […]

check engine light romance

Gray mascara on the sky over Monroe Avenue, the artery of this town. When I pull up to the drive-thru at McDonalds I switch Tom Waits for 98PXY. A lot of advertisements happen. It’s Huuuuge. Hey, Anthony, I text, Meet me at the train Past Scio. Sigh-oh. I whisper. I look like a mark in […]

letter to a woman who makes her way

Athough I guide you to the nearest blackberry bush,
While you are sustained, the sunlight is hid from us
By these high conifers; the words
We say have no echo.
I’m not even the diner waitress I used to be: “How can I help you?”
Said like, “You know where that coffee pot is, you refill it.”
You say to me, blackberries don’t grow near pines. We starve then.